ARP Warden Hodges

Portrayed By Bill Pertwee

Chief Warden William Hodges was born in 1897.

He started to live the day war broke out. Twice a week all through 1938 he had shut his greengrocers shop prompt at 5:30 in order to attend ARP lectures on first aid, gas drill and fire-fighting etc. He had put up with the jibes and discomfort, and crawled across nose to floor through smoke filled huts to extinguish practice fires with his stirrup pump or scoop dummy incendiaries into his long - handled shovel.

And then on 3rd September 1939 he came into his own. He was trained, he was in authority, he could boss people about, tell them what to do. He could order people into shelters when the sirens wailed and blow his whistle when the fire bombs fell.

Within a few months he was wearing the white helmet of the Chief Warden. From then on everyone looked up to and respected William Hodges - everyone except George Mainwaring.

Jimmy Perry & David Croft from "Dads Army" (Elm Tree Books 1975)

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